How to Improve Your Chances of Winning Scratch Cards

  • Jul 26, 2021

Online scratch cards at , offer a lifetime chance to walkaway with a large jackpot. However, it depends on how lucky you feel at the casino. Learn how to improve your chances of winning below.

Is the Cards Cheap?

The number of scratch cards available online can prove a daunting task for a new player to choose from. These cards come with different designs, prizes and brands that make it a difficult decision to make.

It can be tempting to go for cheap cards especially for a first time player. It is a means of preventing blowing off your bankroll. However, cheap cards come with a low prize pool.


Did You Read the Fine Print?

Buying scratch cards is similar to taking out a loan. It is not the amount you get, but the interest paid back. The same case applies when it comes to purchasing these online scratch cards online.

Reading the fine print gives you a sense of the available odds of winning on a particular card. It is highly recommended to opt for cards with large odds in comparison to ones with small odds.

Do You Buy in Bulk?

A common tactic used by experience players to make a win at the casino is purchasing in bulk. It is possible to purchase five scratch cards from the same game at the same shop. What does this do?

It means your odds of winning are increased 5X. It is because the manufacturers place a win frequency throughout the scratch cards. The chances of winning from several cards are higher than one card at the casino.

Did You Study the Game?

Most experience scratch cards players use the singleton method in determining the outcomes of the game. The online strategy involves analyzing the pattern to give clues about cards and their numbers, symbols or available combinations.

There are a few manufacturers that have caught up with this strategy and play against it. However, other manufacturers are still behind with this strategy. It is a method worth pursuing at the casino to land a win.

Do You Manage Your Bankroll?

When at the casino, it is highly recommended to keep your eye on your budget and bankroll. You might end up using up your bankroll buying scratch cards without landing a win at the casino.

It is worth noting that there are hot and cold times at the online casino. Therefore, in case you are feeling unlucky, do not gamble frustrating while buying more cards. Learn to walk away from the casino.

Winning Online Scratch Cards in 2021